Flashback Friday: Mahe Island, Seychelles


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Hello my friends! Right now I am in Uganda about to begin my eight day tour. I will be doing my part for Kony 2012 by searching for the infamous leader, so things will be a little quiet around here for a week or so. Haha…I kid I kid! However, I do promise to return with lots of stories and photos.

For Flashback Friday I wanted to transport you to paradise. The Seychelles are famous for their pristine beaches and high-end resorts. On this balmy evening, I found myself walking along the beach. My toes sinking into the cool wet sand; children running in the waves and laughing; lovers caressing on a nearby blanket. It was one of those perfect evenings where everything in the world seemed right. I loved this photo because of the fisherman in the distance and the way the sun glows on the waves and sand. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time, travel well and travel often!



A quick note from Rwanda…


Hello my friends! I don’t have time to write a full post today but I just wanted to give you a quick update on where I am and what I have been up to. It seems like I can never keep up with all the blog posts I want to do! Anyways, right now I am hanging out on the shores of beautiful Lake Kivu, Rwanda (on the border of Rwanda and DRC). The more I travel around this country the more I am struck by its incredible beauty and spirit. Everywhere I look I see lush green hills and a country working collectively together.  Although Rwanda still has many challenges to overcome, it is well on its way to making a successful recovery. The people are very nice and I have had the opportunity to talk in-depth with a few Rwandans about their experiences. I will be sharing their incredible stories in a post later on.

I am heading to Volcanoes National Park today, famous for gorilla trekking. Although I won’t be seeing the gorillas here I do plan on doing some trekking. Then I am off to Kampala, Uganda. On Friday I will begin an 8 day trip around Uganda, which will definitely include a visit to the gorillas! I am very excited and cannot wait to see yet another amazing country.

I am also happy to report that yesterday was my 50th post! This blog has been a lot of fun and I am so thankful for everyone’s support and encouragement. Thanks again and stay tuned for many more stories and photos.

Until then, travel well and travel often!


Eye Spy in the Serengeti…


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Hello my friends! Thank you for all your guesses. Some of the animals were definitely hard to see. Just another way nature is so incredible. Below are the answers.

1. Leopard

2. Lion and Lioness

I saw the male right away, but the female was lying down and completely camouflaged until she picked up her head. Even then she was hard to see. I have a funny story to tell about this pair later on!

3. Lion and lioness laying down

These are some lazy cats. I had no idea the females (lying on their backs with their bellies showing) were in the background until my guide pointed it out. They stayed like this for a very long time!

4. Leopard

Sorry about the quality of the zoom in- they are definitely difficult to see when they are in trees!

5. Cheetah

So how did you do? Are you good enough to be a guide? Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more pics from the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater!

Until next time, travel well and travel often!


Serengeti Eye Spy

Hello my friends! After climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro I headed to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Our safari guide was a very nice Tanzanian man from Arusha. He worked in the Tanzanian National Parks for twelve years and has been guiding for the past four. His depth of knowledge about animals was very impressive and he had an amazing ability to spot even the most elusive animals. So I decided we would do something a little fun today. Below are pictures I took while on my Safari. I used my regular kit lense (so these are the actual distances between the animals and us) and did not alter any of the colors. Can you spot the animals below and tell me what they are? Are you as good as my guide?






Make sure to put your answers in the comment section. Good luck and check back in tomorrow for the answers!

Until then, travel well and travel often!


Flashback Friday: Tangier, Morocco



Hello my friends! I have been slightly delinquent with Flashback Friday the past couple of weeks and for this I apologize. I am back in the full swing of things (well at least for a few more days) and felt particularly inclined to share this beautiful picture with you today. So sit back and envision yourself sitting on a white balcony in your quaint little hotel with a warm breeze caressing your face. You are located in the beautiful city of Tangier-located in Northern Morocco near the Straights of Gibraltar. You look around at your surroundings and are in awe of the vibrant blue Mediterranean and the stunning melange of Spanish and Moroccan architectural flare. You have just finished your afternoon snack of Moroccan mint tea and traditional Moroccan cookies. As you place your book down on the little table in front of you, you take a long deep breath in. As you exhale all your worries and stresses out, you agree that yes, the world truly is a beautiful place.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for “Serengeti Eye Spy” on Monday.

Until then, travel well and travel often!