My Equipment

Following is the list of equipment and gear I use. Please keep in my mind that I am a novice photographer and am constantly learning about and updating my gear:

Nikon D3100: This is my first DSLR camera and I love it. It is extremely durable (has lasted through all different type of climates) and produces amazing quality photos. Plus it has HD video capabilities. It comes highly recommended for the amateur photographer who wants to take things to the next level.



Nikon Wide Angle lense 14-24mm: I feel my photos reached a new level as soon as I attached this lense. Not only does it give you the ability to create amazing images, but it lets you capture rooms, buildings, and landscapes better than regular kit lenses.



Nikon Zoom Lense 18-200mm: This lense is necessary for capturing those moments up close. I love to use when photographing animals and people. It lets you capture those details that create truly unique and memorable photos



Lowepro Photo Sport Backpack: I just recently bought this backpack which came highly recommended by some fellow photographers. I needed something to carry and protect my camera while I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and trekked through the Serengeti. It protected my camera and allowed me to carry water and necessary hiking gear. Its a must buy for outdoor photographers!



The Bossi Bag by Theit: When I am not hitting the trails I prefer to tote around this beauty. Its a camera bag disguised as a classy and chic purse. It is also the perfect carry-on and not only fits my camera, lenses, but also my kindle and other accessories. I love it so much I have it in two colors!



Gorillapod: I decided to purchase this guy because I finally realized  I needed a tri-pod, however, did not want one that was a burden to carry. I love the gorilla pod beause its lightweight and very flexible, allowing you to create some great shots. Fits easily on my pack and never disappoints.



UV Filter lenses: I consider these an absolute must. Not only do they protect your lenses from dust and dirt, but also from yourself! I unfortunately dropped my camera with my wide-angle lens attached to it while hiking. Although I shattered the UV lens, my wide-angle was completely undamaged.


GPS Locator: My brother, and fellow photographer, bought me this cool little gadget for Christmas. Just attached it to the top of your camera and all of the geo-coordinates are imprinted on the photo. The only down side is that it does eat up battery power and i am not a fan of how the cord sticks out. However, its great for what it does.

Among all the other stuff I have in my photo bag at all times are multiple batteries (necessary for when you are trekking and not able to charge your gear), SD cards (32gb for long trips), and other various cleaning supplies. For software I use Aperture. I am constantly adding to my bag of tricks, so if you have any great photography gear you cannot live without then let me know!


1 thought on “My Equipment”

  1. Susan Schaefer said:

    Great list and description Maia. The wide angle lens you purchased is awesome! The back pack is also amazing! Your photos truly show off the quality of the equipment you are using. Bravo on a great, informative, and “phtorific” blog. I feel as though I’m traveling with you!

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