Hello my friends! I wanted to share some great blog postings today…both having to do with skiing. First of all, check out my friend Adam’s blog, Catch the Jiffy,  for some amazing pics of Austria. We went to university together and he is now living in Naples, Italy. He travels just as much as I do and  is one of the best photographers I know (definitely puts my pictures to shame!!).

Austria, photo courtesy of Adam Allegro

Secondly, if you are in Germany or are just looking for great ski resorts to explore in Europe then check out my friend Gernot’s blog, Heart of Europe. He has graciously put together a list of amazing ski resorts in the Austria/Germany/Switzerland area for me. I have no idea which one I am going to pick, but one thing is for sure- I am going boarding again this weekend!

I am still new to this whole blogging thing but I am loving all the new friends I am making. I want to say thank you to my fellow bloggers for constantly supporting my blogging efforts, as well as inspiring me to become a better writer, photographer, traveler, and, of course, person. No matter where I go I always seem to be in good company!

 Thanks for reading and until next time, travel well and travel often!