Today I am happy to introduce you to my friend Anita, the author of the wonderful blog, “Travel Destination Bucket List.” She has graciously given her time to write about Prague (one of my favorite cities) and give you the insider tips on things to see and do. For more of her fun adventures and wonderful photos, make sure to visit her blog!

Living it up in Prague

For years, the romance of Europe’s fairy tale cities have called to me.  Imagine my delight at the opportunity to spend Christmas in what is essentially a Christmas Wonderland. It was a dream come true, and wow, did Prague ever deliver.

Strolling through the cobbled streets of town, engulfed in history and amazing architecture spanning Gothic and Renaissance styles to Cubist and modern lines – it is no doubt that Prague has become such a sought after destination.  There is Prague’s Top Ten tourist places to see – a brilliant list that can keep you busy for days, as well as more obscure destinations (Communism Museum or Sex Machines Museum).

Prague is best seen on foot.  Leave the rental cars behind as you stroll across the  historic Charles Bridge, built in the 6th century, lined with statues and a never ending stream of locals and tourists. Wander up to Prague Castle, another astonishing piece of Prague’s history and designated UNESCO site. (Tip:  when visiting the Castle, if you have time, get the full pass – valid for 2 days, you will have more time to explore and soak it in, without becoming inundated!  The full pass will also get you into the more parts of the castle that are restricted to others.)
Prague is a city reborn, with a lively atmosphere that is young and vibrant.  The people really are the heart and soul of this city, a city that has survived communism and revolution and come out stronger.  Soak up the atmosphere – lunch in one of the many crowded pubs or try the locally crafted beers from a historic monastery.  Sv Norbert was a popular choice.  Looking for something a little more fancy – hOST ,  a little restaurant with a lot of flavour, will certainly tickle your tastebuds!  Their lunch special menu is very well priced and the view is incredible!  Check out their menu – it is in Czech but the pictures speak a thousand words!.
New Year’s Eve in Prague – another site to behold, as thousands upon thousands descend upon the city, lining the Charles Bridge and filling the Old Town Square.  Bottles of champagne lined the entrance way to the tourist shops, as did fireworks!  For hours, both before and after New Years, the sounds of revelers bounced off the walls, people laughing in the streets, and shots of colour streaking the night sky as people set off their own fireworks in anticipation of the main event still to come!    What a night – what a week really – living it up in Prague will be tough to beat!
*Thanks again to Anita for this wonderful posting! Make sure to check out her amazing blog here. I will be back soon with lots of stories and pics from my trip to Ethiopia. Until then travel well and travel often!!! ~Maia*