Hello my friends! Today I wanted to bring you to the wonderful little university city of Tuebingen, Germany. This city is located only thirty minutes away from Stuttgart and is a very young and vibrant town…perfect for a day trip! On this particular day my roommate’s brother (who is a student at the university) took my friends and I on a walking tour of the city and a fun boat ride on one of the boats pictured above. The boat is a little wider than a gondola and can fit up to 12-15 people. It is operated in the same way, with someone standing in the stern of the boat and using a long wooden pole to push the boat through the water.  Unlike a gondola, there are seats lining the sides of the boat and everyone faces inward- it takes a little work to get the boat balanced!

The scenery was breathtaking and I am in love with all the colorful German architecture. As we explored the city by water we shared bretzels and drank delicious German beer. It was a beautiful sunny day and, typical to Europe fashion, everyone was out and enjoying it. I truly love living in Europe and exploring all these amazing little cities- definitely a day to remember and savor.

I am still traveling around beautiful Ethiopia…but promise stories and lots of pictures will follow shortly. As always, thanks for reading!

Until next time, travel well and travel often!