Hello my friends! Today’s photo is very special to me. A few months ago I took a trip to Tunisia to visit some close friends of mine who live in Tunis. We decided to take a little road trip to the resort town of Sousse. If you are into resort towns, then this is the place to go. Sousse is known for its beautiful beaches, big hotels and is considered the playground of North Africa.

On one particular evening, I went out for a stroll along the boardwalk with a friend of mine. Although it was late, around 10 or so, there were many people at the boardwalk. There were groups of friends hanging out and lovers walking hand in hand, all enjoying the warm night air. Vendors were out in full force as well, selling everything from roasted nuts to glowing toys.  The one thing that really surpised me was the fact that entire families, to include babies and grandparents, were sitting together, laughing, and having fun. It truly was a wonderful scene and a surprising one at this time of night.

As we continued to walk further down, I caught a glimpse of this little girl sitting on a column by the beach. She was so beautiful and delicate sitting in the moonlight. I loved how she was staring up at the moon and quickly grabbed this shot with her mom’s permission. To me this shot represents new found hope for the youngest generations of Tunisians. Incredible events occured in Tunisia and the rest of North Africa this past year. Events that have forever changed the lives of so many people, to include this little girl. She is now living and will grow up in a significantly different, and hopefully better country. I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I do. Thanks for reading!

Until next time, travel well and travel often!