Esslinger Christmas Market, Germany

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope this post finds you happy and surrounded by your loved ones and friends. I must apologize but this post is going to be a short one. It is rare I am able to spend the holidays with my family and want to maximize my time with them as much as possible. So today I have decided to leave you with these beautiful pictures from the Weihnachtsmarkt (german for Christmas Market) in Esslinger, Germany. All over Europe thousands of people flock to these Christmas markets to buy presents, drink Gluwein (incredibly delicious hot mulled wine), and eat delicious bratwurst and goodies.  Friends convene at night to share in the merriment and toast to the seasons festivities. This market is particularly fun because a part of it is done in medieval fashion. All the vendors dress up and music surrounds you as you take in the sights. It was a wonderful experience and I truly love how Europe, particularly Germany, celebrates the holidays. So please enjoy these pictures and happy holidays from Bound for Adventure!

Until next time, travel well and travel often!