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Hello friends! Today I have a great gift guide for that technologically savvy traveler. This type of person never leaves home without their ipod(me), laptop (me), or camera (me again!). So why not make that someone special happy this Christmas when you place one of the following under their tree….

This little guy is selling like hot cakes. I personally own an older version of the kindle and LOVE IT. However, seeing all the amazing additions Amazon added to to the Kindle Fire makes me want to add this guy to my carry-on. No more carrying books…you can have all your entertainment in one easy to carry kindle. It is simply a must on any trip you take.

After hours of long layovers and multiple flights I sometimes find myself easily irritated with everything from crying babies to annoyingly loud talkers. My solution? I throw these headphones in my ears and listen to my newest and greatest playlist. I am instantly transported into a jam packed world where I just might throw out a dance move or two.  Life is good, but its better when you are listening to music. So grab a set of these and travel along to your own soundtrack.

I can’t tell you the number of times I wished I had these on my previous trips. Whether its on a beach in the Seychelles or chilling in a hostel in Munich- these guys will help you spread the music love. They are really small and are magnetic, so they stick together and can be packed as a singular unit.

I am an avid Apple user and definitely find myself lugging along multiple adapters for all my gear. This kit is great for those ipod, iphone, i-everything users.

When I am visiting a new city the last thing I want to do is lug my camera bag when I am going out at night (plus it gets in the way when I am displaying my killer dance moves on the dancefloor!). However, I still want to take quality pictures. My solution? Throw this guy in my purse and GO. It fits easily in a back-pocket or purse and lets you capture all those crazy pictures from the pub crawl the night before.

It is obvious that when I travel I take a ton of pictures. I also find myself traveling through crazy climates and terrain. Therefore, this hard drive was just a natural choice. I safely back up all my pics and know that this little guy is not going to get damaged. Definitely a must for those traveling photographers and journalists in your life.

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned. Tomorrow I will have a great traveler gift guide for that fashionista in your life.

Until then, travel well and travel often!