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Hello friends! Currently I am sitting in the Paris airport awaiting my flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. If there is one thing I have learned in the past few months, it is to always leave at least a 2 hour layover time when you fly into CDG (Charles De Gaulle Airport). CDG is incredibly big, as most of you know, and sometimes the security lines are endless. I much rather take my time and relax in the terminal rather then run to the terminal.

Well people, let me tell you- this trip is going to be epic! I am so excited to be returning to southern Africa. I have an amazing trip lined up and I am really looking forward to having you join me. This epic adventure consists of 27 days and 6 different countries! Best part about it, its going to be one massive road trip. Thats right, one of the best ways to get to know a country and its people is to rent a car and hit the road. You never know who you might meet or stumble upon. I am fairly accustomed to driving in Africa, but have heard that Mozambique and Zimbabwe are… interesting… and road conditions may be less than desirable. In my opinion this is the exciting part! I have rented an SUV with a long distance fuel tank. This is definitely something you want to have when you are in the middle of nowhere Africa and there aren’t many gas stations around. You just never know what my happen and you need to always be prepared.
So Im sure you are wondering about the agenda. Well, below annotates my route. I always remain flexible on road trips and always plan for side trips (aka the “might-get-lost” factor.) Here are a couple of things I have learned from my previous driving experiences in Africa: 1.) GPS’s are rare and usually not offered at rental places 2.) For some reason, street names are an afterthought and usually non-existent…making finding locations sometimes near impossible. 3.) Construction is ongoing and most roads change from week to week. 4.) Depending on the city, adherence to rules of the road may not be neccesary and it is a more of a “drive to save your life” type of situation. In any case, it really is an adventure and you must always keep your sense of humor and expect the unexpected.



I arrive in Johannesburg tomorrow morning and a friend of mine, who is also going to be my driver/guide, is meeting me at the airport with our vehicle. From there, our first stop is Miliwane, Swaziland. Here we will stock up on food and camp for a couple of nights. I will try to find some internet connections along the way and update you on everything happening. Well…here goes a 10 and 1/2 hour flight! Hopefully there will be no babies crying! Talk to you soon!

Travel well and travel often,